Weight Loss

At Bondi meal prep, we take the guesswork out of creating meals to help you lose weight. Save time searching for unique recipes and hours roaming the supermarket aisles with our delicious selection of prepared meals. Our chefs create seasonal recipes that are inspired by culturally diverse cuisines and modern ideas to deliver you delicious, portion-controlled and nutritious meal preps for weight loss.  

Start your weight loss diet with our meal prep 

Skipping meals can result in late-night snacking or bingeing on unhealthy foods. At Bondi meal prep we help you build stability into your diet. You’ll establish a regular eating pattern with our 10, 14 and 24 meal plans that include daily meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We even include indulgent and guilt-free sweet treats and green smoothies for a healthy snack on the go. Shed those last unwanted kilos with a stable diet and discover our delicious healthy meal selections.

Explore our meal prep for weight loss menu

To reflect the great seasonal produce Australia has to offer, our chefs update our menu regularly. Select from 20 protein and nutrient-dense meals with an option to add drinks and snacks. We ensure that you receive a portion-controlled serving of each food group in our meal prep for weight loss, including a protein source, a healthy carbohydrate and fresh or steamed vegetables. Prepared by our chefs each week, our produce is sourced from local markets and delivered straight to your door. You’ll find premium quality New Zealand king salmon and grass-fed eye fillet steak served with crisp steamed green vegetables or a side of roast potatoes. We explore great flavour combinations like chicken fajita bowls with corn, black beans and tri-coloured capsicum, or our Asian glazed Humpty-Doo barramundi. Give yourself a blast of vitamins with our refreshing berry shake and finish the day with a guilt-free decadent vegan choc almond fudge slice.

Convenient weight loss meal prep delivery

We make it easy to eat nutritious meals every day with our weight loss meal prep delivered in Sydney and across the country. Explore our nationwide delivery service and enter your postcode to find out just how quickly you can enjoy your next healthy cooked meal. Start shedding those unwanted kilos and buy our meal preps for weight loss today!


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