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Low Carb Meal Delivery

Life can get busy, and during the working week you may not always have the time to prepare a healthy meal. Rather than order take out, which could lead to unhealthy eating patterns, consider signing up to Bondi Meal Prep. Perfect for personal trainers, body builders or anyone looking to set themselves up on a path to healthy eating. Our meals are designed to provide the perfect ratio of proteins, nutrients, fats and carbohydrates and will help you gain control over what you put in your body and set yourself up with a weekly intake of proteins and nutrients.

Low carb meal prep

Carbs are an easy and delicious way to get a quick fix on the go, but a high carbohydrate diet can lead to weight gain and low energy levels. However, not all carbs are bad. We combine a selection of healthy carbs like brown rice, sweet potato and pastas to ensure that your carb intake is optimised for fat loss and muscle gain. Healthy carb consumption also  comes down to timing. Our low carb meal prep plan allows you to keep a portion of carbohydrates in your diet to eat at the most opportune time to maximise fat burning and retain muscle mass. Each plan is personalised to your health journey, and includes eating time recommendations according to your fitness cycle. 

How it works

We’ve made healthy eating easy, with our online subscription system. Simply sign up to our low carb meal prep plan and choose a 10, 14 or 24 day plan. Select from our list of delicious options or customise your plan according to your dietary requirements. Once you’ve ordered, all you need to do is heat, eat and repeat. Heat your Bondi Meal Prep in the oven or the microwave, eat and enjoy your freshly prepared meal and repeat it all the next day. Say goodbye to hours spent grocery shopping and slaving in the kitchen, our meals are delivered fresh to your door weekly.

Explore our menu

You can select from 20 protein and nutrient dense meals, and even add drinks and snacks. Each meal is freshly prepared by our chefs, who source local produce to deliver straight to your door. Our low carb meal prep menu is portion controlled and designed to help you lower your carb intake and replace it with healthier proteins. We cater to your dietary needs, whether you’re dairy free or lead a vegetarian lifestyle.

Each meal has a meat or protein source, a portion of rice or potatoes and fresh or steamed vegetables. Our chef’s have designed meals that explore a wide variety of cuisines, like our free range chicken fajita bowl with corn, black beans and salsa, or our asian glazed barramundi. We use the finest local produce like king salmon and grass-fed eye fillet steak. For breakfast, we have a mediterranean style frittata packed with vegetables or a brekky wrap that’s great for eating on the go. For a tasty blast of vitamins, you can opt for a green smoothie or berry shake. You won’t even feel like you're on a diet with our delicious sweet treats like gluten-free banana bread or decadent vegan choc almond fudge slice to round out your meals.

Feel the benefits of healthy eating

A poor diet can zap your energy levels and leave you feeling lethargic, bloated and sluggish. Turn your lifestyle around with a healthy and regulated diet and start feeling the difference. Our healthy low carb meal prep plan will help you to feel more energised and ready to take on the working week.

Join our challenge

In addition to our low carb meal prep plan, you can also sign up to one of our 4, 6, 8 or 12 week challenges. These challenges combine our meal plans with a personalised training program, so that you can get the most out of your diet program. We understand that everyone's fitness ability is different, so we create adaptable and personalised training programs. We simplify your journey to a healthier lifestyle by doing the thinking for you.

Whether your fitness goals are to burn fat, tone or build muscle, our personal trainers will customise a plan to help you achieve them. Delivered on an easy-to-read PDF, you can complete these exercises at the gym and reach your goals in no time.

Low carb meal prep delivery 

Make the change to healthy eating with our convenient low carb meal preps, delivered to your door in Sydney. Enter your postcode into our delivery service to find out just how quick your meals will come. We also deliver to locations across NSW, VIC, QLD and the ACT. Just explore our delivery options to find out our cut off times and delivery windows.

At Bondi Meal Prep, we like to keep things flexible for our customers so when you subscribe with us you can rest assured that we have no lock in contracts. We even let you try before you buy with our Bondi Meal Prep sample boxes. Start your journey to health today!



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