We've figured out the perfect way to make meal prepping effortless and delicious!

All our produce is delivered directly from the markets to our kitchen and we deliver straight to your door. This means we can absolutely guarantee, your meals are FRESH and of the highest of quality. 

Our skilled team of chefs create all our meals with care and precision, and all you need to do is simply choose from our SINGLE MEALS or from one of our SET MEAL PLANS and we take care of the rest.



When ordering your 10, 14 or 24 meal plan you can choose from the following options in the drop down menu on the left hand side:-

CARBS - Select from meals that have a meat/protein source, 125 grams of boiled rice/140 grams of potato & 60 grams of steamed green vegetables. 

KETO - Select from meals that have a meat/protein source & 150 grams of steamed green vegetables - (No Carbs). 

HALF & HALF - Select from both our Carbs & Keto meals. 



Reheating our meals is easy! You can reheat our meals in the microwave in its plastic container. Simply pull back the plastic film slightly and reheat for 2 minutes. Or you can empty the contents of the prepackaged meal into a fry pan and heat.  


Please note, if you do not make specific choices in your meal plan we will give you a mix of the meals on our menu & the protein balls that are included in each plan are not keto. 

To see if we deliver to your suburb please click here and enter in your postcode. To please wait for the dropdown list to appear and select your postcode.

If you have any further question please don't hesitate to contact us via email at or through our Contact Us Page.     







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