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I have a busy schedule and was struggling to stay on track with my eating - Bondi Meal Prep has solved this problem for me! Every meal is cooked to perfection and made with fresh, high-quality ingredients. They give a generous amount of protein with each meal, which means that I have enough fuel for my work and training! I've tried quite a few meal prep companies over the years and Bondi Meal Prep wins first place! -
ELLE COOPER, Personal Trainer @bondielle


As someone who works long hours in a corporate environment and is a bikini competitor, I sometimes struggle to find the time to prep my meals off-season but still want to ensure I am eating enough quality food. I have tried a variety of meal prep services and this is one of my favourites. I love that Bondi meal prep has a good portion of protein in all their meals and their Bolognese is the stuff dreams are made of. Highly recommended. MARIAH, Competitive Bikini Competitor @fitnesscube


Being a full-time uni student and full-time worker, Bondi Meal Prep has helped me to keep on track with my fitness goals and has also made dieting enjoyable with their delicious meals! - TOAN PHAN, Competitive Bodybuilder @toanskee

Bondi Meal Prep is the only reason that I finally started making some serious fitness and health gains in my life, despite training for years. It's, of course, convenient and affordable but I wasn't expecting the freshness, quality, and volume of food provided per meal. Received twice a week from an appealing meal choice menu. Bondi Meal Prep is on point week in, week out. - GRANT MCKAY, Entrepreneur @grant.mac

I've been eating Bondi Meal Prep since July 2015. Aled and Kimmi fed me all the way through my first bodybuilding competition. I've tried every company, so far I can safely say that 'Bondi Meal Prep' is the best tasting, freshest meal prep company by far! - PAUL XYDIS, Competitive Bodybuilder & Physiotherapist @thebodybuildingphysio 

Bondi Meal Prep has quality produce at an affordable price! These guys are my go-to for pre-prepared meals. - GIANCARLO BAZZOCCHI, Restaurateur @giancabaz 

Putting on muscle just became easy! Perfect for on the run. With a busy schedule, I wouldn't have it any other way. - KADE JAMES, Director of Kade James Architects @kadejamesarchitecture 

Great team with delicious and healthy food! - ENRICO ANTONIO, Telecommunications Expert @enrico_style

Since I started working longer hours, I began to get lazy with other aspects of myself such as health and nutrition. Luckily I found the team at Bondi Meal Prep who make the healthiest meals with the best tasting ingredients. It makes it so convenient for me as the meals are ready to go always without me cooking a thing! - MATTHEW LOWE, Director of Lomac Flooring @matthewlowe__ 




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