Do your meals arrive fresh or frozen?

Can I freeze my meals?

How long do your meals last for in the fridge?

Are your meals halal certified?

What happens if I have food allergies?

Can I eat BMP if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

How do I reheat your meals?

What if my meal is different from what's stated online?


How do I order?

Is there a minimum order spend?

How do I make payment?

Can I repeat my order?

Do I need to sign up to a contract?


When is the delivery cut-off time?

When will I receive my order?

Do you have a delivery fee?

What areas do you deliver to?

Do I have to be at home or at work when my order arrives?

What happens if I select residential hours for a business address?

I need to change my delivery address/delivery timeframe. What do I?

What happens if I receive the incorrect order or item?

I want to place my order in advance and have it delivered on a certain date. What do I?

What if I live in a gated complex or high-rise building?

Can I pick up my order directly from BMP?


How do I set up a recurring order?

How does subscription work?

How do I modify my recurring order?

When does payment come out?

Can I add a discount code to a recurring order?

What happens if I order the weekly special but it changes?

What happens if my payment fails?

How do I cancel my recurring order if payment has already been processed?

How do I close my recurring account?

Are there are cancellation fees?


How can I contact Bondi Meal Prep

Can I combine or use two discount codes at once?

I've left various reviews for my purchases, why can't I have more than one discount code?

Is meal prepping good for weight loss?

How long do meal preps last?

How much does a week of meal prep cost?

How do I warm up my meals if I don’t have a microwave?

Does meal prep save money?



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